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Standing Mindset  

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Can you share with me your standing game mindset? When do you go for the takedown/throw and when are you looking to defend/counter.

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It depends on the situation. If it's a street fight, the goal is to learn on how to disengage and not get into a fight especially not to the ground unless you end up on top hence defending/countering takedowns is more valuable. In the gym/sparring session, the goal is to learn, understand and be comfortable in all positions and worst-case scenarios so it depends on what the focus of your sparring is, is it to learn and understand how to takedown/throw someone better or is it to be improving in defending against takedowns.

So in situations where you know your partner is really good at taking you down maybe focusing on how to counter it might be more valuable even if eventually you do get taken down but pay attention on how much they have to work on it every time eg. 3 secs in the first takedown but 10 secs in the second one. Being able to defend it that much longer is success and growth. 

The way I see it is that every time I'm not good at a certain position first thing I'll always focus on is defense. Once your defense is on fire, there are only takedowns left. Set your expectations as low as possible and from there there's only going up.