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  • Reflex Development Class– Learning the 36 Gracie Combatives® techniques is one thing – building instinctive reflexes in their execution is another. In this class, you will learn how to execute all variations of the 36 techniques in every possible combination. Gracie Combatives students must earn their 2nd stripe in order to qualify. Advanced students are encouraged to attend this class at least once a month to ensure that the quintessential Gracie Combatives techniques are never forgotten.
  • “Bring a Friend” Class: The Gracie Combatives classes on Saturday afternoon at 1:30 pm are official “Bring a Friend” classes where you are allowed to bring up to 2 friends with you to try the class absolutely free. Simply show up with your friend about 15 minutes early and we will take care of the rest. During the class, you will partner up with your friend so that you can help them with the techniques. Be sure to tell your friend that the class is absolutely free and that there is no obligation to sign-up.
  • No-Gi Training Attire: During no-gi classes, students are required to wear Gracie Fight Shorts or Gi pants, and a navy blue or black Gracie Academy t-shirt. Students are not allowed to wear a gi. All students must wear their belts to no-gi classes.  Tank tops, rash guards, ripped t-shirts, or shirts with any other logos are not allowed.
  • Fight Simulation Classes: In order to participate in this class, participants must have 16-18 oz. blue boxing gloves and a mouth guard. Sharing of boxing gloves is not allowed.   
  • Injuries and Sparring: If you ever get injured, do not miss class. Put on your gi and attend as usual so that you stay up to date on the techniques being taught and you do not lose your attendance rhythm.